Mar 07

Stuff I want at the top of my tumblr if I ever check it again.


I typed a load of stuff about how Refused getting back together was amazing and not a bad thing at all. Then I saw them 3 times, it lived up to what I wanted it to be, I went to sweden and re-evaluated life, and then… umm… that’s all.


All these albums are still amazing and still all worth anyone’s time. And some are free to download.


same with these.


These are rabbits. They are good and lovely and we all should love them.


and nobody ever answered this. I mean honestly.

Mar 07

it took almost 6 minutes of scrolling to find some gosh darned kittens. Seriously all of you are terrible.

Mar 07

I remember when all I saw on tumblr was music, simpsons and animals

now within 30 seconds I feel like I have to leave.

What have you all done?


Gonna reblog a few of my best ever posts then probably never log in again. Bye.

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Feb 11
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Feb 10


hey girl r u a dvd because those r some special features u got there

Jan 29

Top 20 releases of 2012

Jan 13
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